What is Doly?

Doly is a complete app builder platform. It allows you to create an app of your choosing and share it with the world.

Is there a price/plan and if so, is it priced per app?

Yes, we do have 3 subscription plan types that can be paid monthly or annually. These plans apply per app you choose to publish. However, you can create your app for free. You only pay when you’re ready to publish your app.

Can I begin with the Basic plan and later upgrade to Premium?

Yes, it is possible to test the Basic plan and then change to our Premium plan. Some features are only available in our Premium plan.

What is the difference between the Basic, Business and Premium plans?

The difference between our plans are the features available within your ready-to-launch app. Premium gives you access to all of your app’s capabilities. Check here for pricing plans.

What can I do with my app?

You are free to do whatever you wish with your app including creating an online store, blog, multimedia channel, etc.

Is there any limitation?

The only limitations are those set by the stores you wish to publish your app in. Each store has the right to decline to publish or feature your app if it violates their terms and conditions.

I’m not a developer. Will I be able to use this platform?

Doly is designed for people with no coding skills/experience. So yes you will be able create your app using our platform. Absolutely no coding is needed.

What kind of apps can I create?

Take a look at our features page and let your imagination do the rest.

Are you publishing the apps?

You will have to publish the app yourself. In order to publish your app, you will need your own developer accounts to publish on Google Play and App Store. The Google Play developer account is $25, you can create one here. The App Store developer account is $99, you can create one here.

Are the apps already compiled and ready to be submitted to the stores?

For the APKs (Android app), yes the APKs will be automatically generated. The IPA file for the iOS apps can’t be automatically compiled from a server because the compilation process must be done through the Xcode software from Apple. and thus from an Apple computer. That means, iOS apps must be compiled manually and Android apps will be automatically generated.

Does Doly have a mobile app previewer?

We will be releasing an app so users can preview their apps on mobile devices very soon.

Do you offer custom developments?

We do not at the moment but we may offer custom developments in the future. Also, feel free to let our team know of ideas you would like to see on the platform.

What if there is a bug?

Our mission is to improve the platform and solve bugs that could occur even if we have tested the solution before releasing it. Upgrades and fixes will be released in the case you find a bug.

Are you offering hosting plans?

Hosting is included in every plan.

Are you offering a frontend website or marketing?

No, a website for your app and marketing is not included in any of our plans. Most of our users create a website on their own with a link that directs visitors to the stores their app is published on.

Which platforms and devices are supported?

Apps created with Doly can be published on Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices. In terms of devices, that means Android phones and tablets, iPhones (3 to X) and iPads. In terms of OS version, Doly supports Android versions starting with 3.0 and above, and iOS starting from 6.0 and above. In most cases, the new OS version supports apps made for older versions. If they don’t, it is our job to update the platform to support the latest version of each OS.

How are apps updated?

Apps made with Doly don’t need to be republished when you edit or update your app.

Do the apps made with Doly work offline?

Yes, all apps will work offline.

Can I import my app made outside of Doly?

You cannot transfer the content of an app made outside of Doly. What you can do is update your existing app by creating a new version of this app on the stores. You will need the keystore certificate for each app and its associated password to update the Android version. For iOS updates, nothing is needed from the previous provider. For both stores, you will need the developer account credentials.

What are the requirements before publishing an app with Doly?

To distribute an application on the App Store, you need to subscribe an Apple Developer account. The Apple Developer Program annual fee is $99.

If you don’t already have an Apple Developer account you can subscribe your account here: https://developer.apple.com/programs/enroll//

Once you’ve completed your enrollment in the Apple Developer Program, you can sign in to iTunes Connect with the Apple ID you used to enroll. iTunes Connect is where you manage your App Store apps, see your sales reports, manage your iTunes Connect users and testers, and more.

For more information about the complete process use the link below: https://itunespartner.apple.com/en/apps/overview

To distribute an application on the Google Play Store, you need to subscribe a Google Play Developer account. There is a $25 one-time registration fee.

If you don’t already have one you can subscribe your account here: https://play.google.com/apps/publish/signup

I want to update my app that is currently published. Do I need publish my app again?

Note that there are two different things when we talk about “updating an app”: you can update the content of an app (adding a news, a discount code, an existing feature, the colors, etc), and you can update your application on the stores because you need to republish it.

In the first case, most of the time, you don’t need to update your app on the store and thus you don’t need to recompile it. Just change the content, or add the new feature, change the colors, and restart your app on your phone to see the changes.

But, if you change some other things that are native to the application like its startup images, its icon or its name, you will have to compile a new version of your app and republish it. In that case you will have to increase the version number before recompiling your app.

If my app is already published, can I rebuild from scratch and publish it under the same name?

You can update an existing app.

The only issue can be for the Android version. When you publish an Android app you create/use a certificate named keystore certificate which has also an associated password.

If you don’t have these two items, certificate file and certificate password) you will not be able to update the Android version of your app but only to publish it as a new app.

For iOS there is no problem, you don’t need previous items to publish an update of an existing app.

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